I too has a love story

I Too Had A Love Story is based on real life incident story Book. It narrates the story of an immortal bond of love between two people who found each other on a matrimonial site. However, destiny has something else in store for them.

The story begins in Kolkata in March 2006 when four friends including the author (Ravinder Singh) working indifferent places reunite after their college days, and since all of them were at the marriage ableage, decide to register in a matrimonial website “Ravinder (Ravin)”, a 26-year-old bachelor working for Infosys, Bhubaneswar as software engineer. He searches the matrimonial site Shaadi.com for a prospective bride and sends random messages to many girls. Although numerous girls who fitted into the details that he had asked for responded to him but he did not findanyone who appealed to him. At last when he had almost given up hopes and had stopped browsing through the website regularly as he did earlier. On 20th July 2006 he suddenly received an SMS from a girl named “Khushi” living in Faridabad who had responded to his registration in the website. After browsing through her profile in the website he called her back from Bhubhaneshwar were he was posted, and that was the beginning of his love story which began on 20th July 2006.

Khushi was working in a BPO firm in Gurgaon. chatted every night on the phone and the conversations wenton till late at night. They started to know each other very well and had talk with the family too. Gradually through theconversations both of them fell deeply in love even though they had not yet met each other. It was only in October when Ravinder was on his wayto USA for a month and stopped over at Delhi did they finally meet. The meeting was ahistoric one as they were both extremely nervous before the meeting in case they found thattheir dream persons were not as they had imagined them to be but their doubts were soondispelled when they actually met. In fact Ravinder found Khushi to be even more beautifulthan she appeared in the pictures that she had uploaded on the website.

Khushi has told everything about Ravin to her family and she wanted to let Ravin’s parents know about her also. And that happened too. Eventually they fall in love and commit to spend life together. Ravinder went to
Khushi‟s house and met her family members and their wedding was officially finalized. Ravinder Singh then touchingly describes an hour which they spent alone together in his hotel room which he claims to be the happiest one in his life. Everything goes right and that evening only they had their first Kiss.

♥ Tere Jane Ka Asar Kuch Aisa Hua Mujh Par…
Tujhe Dhoondhte Dhoondhte Maine Khud Ko Paa Liya… ♥

Khushi‟s parents came down to Bhubhaneshwar tomeet Ravinder‟s parents to fix the dates and struck an instant chord with each other. The wedding date was set for the 14th of November next year but the engagement was to be on the 14th of February in Faridabad. Both Ravinder and Khushi were extremelyexcited about the engagement, especially Khushi, who enthusiastically described the dressthat she was planning to wear for the ceremony to Ravinder over the phone. Ravinder and hisparents had planned to reach Faridabad a couple of days before the ceremony and Khushi had
also taken a few days‟ leave from her office for the event. Suddenly, just the day beforeRavinder and his parents‟ departure, Ravinder received a phone call from Khushi‟s home informing him that when she was returning home at night the day before her leave started thecar in which she was travelling had met with an accident. While the driver had died instantlyKhushi was in the ICU. Ravinder and Khushi had spoken to each other just before she wasleaving her office and were planning to continue the conversation after she reached home and Ravinder was in fact waiting for her call when he received the ominous news.

Ravinder immediately took a flight to Delhi from Bhubhaneshwar and went straight to the hospital where she had been admitted. On reaching there he found that she was in coma and the doctors could give very little hopes of her survival. Ravinder then describes the dreadful condition of all of Khushi’s family members who had been in the midst of preparing for her engagement ceremony and also narrates his own mental condition on seeing his loved one hanging between life and death with her face and body mutilated beyond recognition. After a couple of days the doctors attending to Khushi felt that she might recover in a few days even though she was still in coma so Ravinder decided to go back to his village near Bhubhaneshwar where his parents were living and bring them with him so they could all be present when she opened her eyes. He returned home to his parents and constantly kept in touch with her family members through phone. After a few days when he heard that the doctors were a little hopeful about her recovery he started off on an overnight bus from his village for Bhubhaneshwar to book air tickets for his family.

The most touching passage in the entire book is Ravinder’s description of his bus journey which was where he had a most amazing spiritual experience. He says that it was about four in the morning and all the passengers in the bus were sleeping. He too was dozing fitfully when suddenly he opened his eyes and found Khushi sitting next to him. She was looking just as beautiful as she looked before her accident and was as loving and affectionate as she had always been. She smiled at him lovingly and put her hand on his forehead. Ravinder, who was struck dumb with surprise haltingly asked her how she had reached there when she was supposed to be in hospital. She replied with a smile that she was always with him. She then took out the ring which she had bought for him for the engagement and put it on his finger. Ravinder noticed with surprise that the ring which he had bought for her was already on her finger. She then fed him rajma-chawal which was his favourite dish and then lovingly wiped his mouth clean. Ravinder then took her in his arms and she lay there quietly for some time. She then said, ‘Thankyou for giving me the love of my life.’ Ravinder writes that he did not know how long they remained like that but he suddenly hit his head against something and was jolted into reality. He found that he was in the bus and his phone was ringing shrilly. He looked around for her but she had disappeared and he found that the ring which she had put on his finger had also disappeared. Still in a confused state he picked up the phone and found Khushi’s father on the line. In a broken voice he informed Ravinder that Khushi had left them a few minutes ago. Ravinder writes, ‘“But she was here with me a few minutes back…” I heard someone inside me screaming but not a sound came out.’

The book ends with a heartrending description of Ravinder’s own condition more than a year after Khushi’s death. Very eloquently he writes, ‘She died. I survived. Because I survived, I died everyday. I was bound by my stars to live a lonely life. Without her I felt so alone. Though the fact is that its just she who is gone and everything else is the same. But this ‘everything else’ is nothing to me….

Please click to this PDF link below to read full story of “I Too Had A Love Story

CLICK HERE – – – >> I Too Had A Love Story-pdf-Ravinder Singh.pdf






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