Can love Happen Twice

The novel starts with reunion of Amardeep, Manpreet and Happy after 5 years.The reunion was for Ravin.They all were invited for the radio show in Chandigarh, ‘Raat Baaki, baat baaki’ on 14th Feb(Valentine’s Day) including Ravin where they were supposed to talk about his best-selling book “I too had a love story” and his life after that.With the curiosity created at the radio station because of no Ravin, Happy reads his second book- Can love happen twice? and the main story starts.

The story start with Ravin’s effort to move in his life.He moved to Belgium for a project and more over a much needed change after Khushi death he felt.There he meet a girl name Simar accidently in gym.Simar who was basically from Gurgaon but pursuing MBA in Belgium.

Soon both become friends but the twist comes when Simar ask him about his first girlfriend.He handed his first book “I too had a love story” unpublished book to her.Soon after it both of them felt for each other.Love and romance once again is in air.

They both introduced each other to their parents for marriage.Do you think they will get married?What’s next twist in the story?If they don’t get married where is Ravin?

Please click to this PDF link below to read full story of “CAN LOVE HAPPEN TWICE

Can love Happen Twice- Ravinder Singh

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  1. I loved reading ” I too had a love story “,very eagerly wnt to read can love happend twice, but m not able to download pdf 😦

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