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The Rhythmic Verse

 A permanent mark on your body covered with ink

A decision that took hours, days, weeks or months to think

Once you get it, it’s going to remain there forever

It can be a memory, words to live by or simply something clever

The pain is temporary; it will soon pass by

How would you know unless and until you try?

Without getting one, you wouldn’t know of the thrill

When the needle touches your body and gives out an exciting chill

Some say it’s a permanent mark of temporary insanity

Well what thrill has come of out showing sanity?

I got my first tattoo in a rhyme that I wrote

It’s the image of my grandparents put in a thought

I’ve lost my grandma and my grandpa lives far away

Despite the distance and impossibility, in my memories they both stay

They may not be next to me, but…

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