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Dr Devyani Khobragade – Indian response: Thanks to NaMo??


Prakash Chaturvedi


Rarely have I agreed so whole heartedly with the actions of the UPA government as I have in the case of display of anger and protests at the treatment to Indian Diplomat in the hands of the New York police. However, they have gone over board by removing the security barricades from the front of the American Embassy at New Delhi. This they should not have done now.

As I understand, reasonably and rightly so, that the Indian establishment reacted in the shrieking manner, because they feared and suspected that Narendra Modi will once again wrest the initiative from them  They will have to handle a  fusillade from him for yet another muted reaction from the UPA government when it came to protecting the dignity of India. So the display of aggression and offense is actually to show that Indian Government is decisive and strong.

Nonetheless, I welcome a refreshing change from…

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Is There More To L’Affaire Khobragade Than Meets The Eye?


Roger's Domain


One would think that the country’s finest should represent India overseas, particularly when it comes to dealing with the lone superpower, U.S.A., with whom India is endeavouring to build up a special relationship, arguably more beneficial to India than to the U.S.

Consider now, some of the information which has come out in the public domain about Devyani Khobragade, the mid-ranking Indian consular staff in the New York office who was recently arrested on multiple charges, which led to a furore and considerable outrage back in India.

Now, check some of these facts out:

Adarsh was a co-operative housing society formed supposedly for Kargil war widows and Indian war veterans, but considering it stood on some of Mumbai’s most expensive real estate, politicians and bureaucrats made a beeline to grab flats by making a mockery of the law. When many read about Devyani and Adarsh, and given middle-class India’s utter…

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