Who’s that Girl Next Door?


Sheer & Sparkles


It’s been a crazy week of love and hatred towards Nina Davuluri. For those of you who are not aware of Nina Davuluri, she is the first Indian-American to be crowned holding the title of Miss America on September 15, 2013. As a former New Yorker I am so proud of her! It’s just amazing to know that in today’s world a normal Asian descent can be an important icon in America. However, people ignored the fact that she was born in Syracuse, New York. They ignored the fact that she was an average high school student just like every other American who was an athlete, a cheerleader, member of the band and a top A student. The one thing everyone focused on was that she was an “Indian-American”.  Davuluri has held a mirror to us and the outcome showed America’s true colors. It disgusts me to see that people…

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