Narendra Modi : Current news maker




General election is coming up next year, and the political atmosphere in India is catching up.

Mr. Narendra Modi, the BJP Prime Ministerial Candidate is hogging the highest limelight and making news headlines.

Every day, hundreds of articles are coming up in our electronic print media projecting Mr. Narendra Modi (most of the time, if not always) in poor light.

As always, his secular credentials are critically questioned and doubts are raised on the narrative of Gujarat’s success story. Many of them also doubt his ability as a Prime Ministerial’s Candidate. Not to speak of how much they enjoy in shoveling the differences between Modi and L.K Advani.

And the latest report of RBI governor which put Kerala, Goa and Tamil Nadu ahead of Gujarat in terms of development – must have given our fourth estate much to celebrate. (I am watching & waiting for this space on what and…

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