Kissing the top of Nandadevi Main


Dr Sumit Kesarkar's Photo Blog

Mountains are inspiring and Himalayan ranges just leave you in awe. The Himalayan peaks average around 700mts of all summits and their base camps around 4500mts which in itself is initimidating. At heights of around 16000-18000ft with immense cold the basic instinct is to survive and capturing sunrises on peaks is least on ones mind, though it may be the prime goal when the journey starts. This story is about the first light on the Nandadevi Main peak [7813mts], a part of Nandadevi mountain ranges; the highest in entire India located in the Uttarakhand state. The peak is clearly visible from the Nandadevi East base camp [16000ft], a hard trek of 70km from the last motorable hamlet of Munsiyari. To capture the sunlight one needs to reach the base early by 3am or camp overnight. Since mules cannot climb the final ascent of 6km from Ghangar village, one needs…

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