Kedarnath – The Char Dham


Jibu's Travel Diary

Kedarnath, one of the most important Shiva Temple in India, grabbed widespread attention when the Himalayan Floods of June 2013, Road to Rudraprayagwitnessed the total devastation on the holy pilgrimage of the Char Dham. Located at an altitude of 3900 m above sea level, Kedarnath is only accessible after a grueling 14 km trek. Before I begin the story of my visit to Kedarnath about a week before the floods,Kedarnath Trek I’d like to pay my respects and homage to the pilgrims and everyone who perished at the fury of nature.

Now, the obvious question anyone could ask me is, why would I visit Kedarnath as I’m not a pilgrim. My answer is simple, I just wanted to explore the unparalleled beauty of the Himalayas and I wanted to understand and experience the Char Dham Pilgrimage.  So, here I am, sitting in my room and telling you how beautiful and vibrant Kedarnath really…

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