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Are we religious or superstitious



It is Three years after the deadliest natural calamity at Kedarnath Dham.Thousands of people were died at Kedarnath on June 16,2013. Kedar Dham is once again ready for intrusion.

The number of tourists has increased many folds in recent years. Thousands of pilgrims, and tourist too, visited Kedar Nath Dham every year. Due this intrusion into the Himalayas there is an increase in the temperature and pollution of the region. Studies shows that the changes in the atmosphere of the Himalayas are affecting it.
People who visit the holy places and other sites in the Himalayas are responsible for the drastic changes in its geography. Due to Increase in the number of visitors the need of place of staying was arise. it further compelled the authorities to allow the cutting down the jungles and construction in the respective areas. Although, it provided golden business opportunities but at the cost of…

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To the people of Uttarakhand


Travel Tales...

A couple of years ago, my travel trails took me here…

Near Badrinath

Astounded with the beauty of the mountains, coupled by the flowing multiple confluences  of the river Ganga along with other rivers such as Alaknanda, Bhagirathi, Mandakini, Pindar this place has an aspiring sense of tranquility and most serene and yet roaring its guts out to engulf you into its madness. Every bit of the road that we traveled back then from Rishikesh to Joshimath to Govindghat to Ghagaria and later on towards Badrinath, we remember being surrounded by the mighty confluences and the flowing water all along. The gutso this river shows as it emerges from the Vishnu Prayag on the Alaknanda river covers a major part of Uttarakhand. We were of course during our journey told that there will be times when we might be in the midst of landslides and we will have all that is needed with…

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Protect Mother Nature : Only Love Can Heal : An Appeal!



Mother Nature Can Only Love. It Cannot Kill It’s Own. Never!
She Protects Us From Heat By Giving Shade Of The Tree And She Quench’s Our Thirst By Giving Water From The Rivers and Lakes.

Mother Nature Is The Support System Because Of Which We All Can Survive! This Support System Is Now Threatened By The Brutal Hunger Of Expansion, Urbanisation, Deforestation, Land Acquisition, Commercialisation And This March Of The Mankind Has To Stop! Now! Or Else There Will Be Tomorrow, One Would Dread To See!

In The Backdrop Of The Natural Calamity In Uttarakhand (Northern Himalayan State Of India) It Is An Appeal To All, To Unite And Rebuild This World To It’s Former Natural Glory As A Gift To Mother Nature. Please SAVE This Magical World We Live In, For Our Future Generations To Come! Please PROTECT MOTHER NATURE! RIP To All The Souls Who Lost Lives And…

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Garhwal Diaries 8 – Random Clicks in Kedarnath


Mission Sharing Knowledge

They say you are really lucky if you have been able to visit Kedarnath at least once in your life. Well, may be or may not be. For a travel enthusiast and a nature lover like me, the experience was just mindblowing…memories that I will forever cherish in my mind…

IMG_0287Random clicks of the surroundings at Kedarnath

IMG_0288I was quite amazed to see the crowd

IMG_0294View of the valley.

IMG_0293Another random click!

IMG_0268Goldy, someone I befriended on my way back from Kedarnath

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The Uttarakhand I remember



When I think of my week long holiday in Uttarakhand, words like ‘bliss’, ‘Heavenly’, ‘Dreamlike’ float around in my mind. The word ‘beautiful’ just started sounding way too mild for the ethereal serenity of that area. When I woke up in a guest house, walked out of my rooms and was surrounded by the Himalayas, I knew I would certainly come back. The delicious warming Maggi Noodles, the cold weather which was an immense contrast to the heat and humidity of Mumbai, the view! My promise was made. It seemed like a dream, and coming back to Delhi after that was like being rudely woken from a beautiful dream.

Now, that promise seems like a far off dream. Not only is it humanly impossible to holiday there anytime soon, it also screams disaster, and a man-made one at that, if not a man-enhanced one to say the least. Reading…

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Lend a Hand: Re-Build the GOD’s Country


Friendly Whispers

Today’s post may not be in queue for the blog but I couldn’t resist…… know why……..I don’t need to write more about it then what we have already been reading, seeing and hearing for the last whole week in regards to the Uttarakhand disaster….

Monsoon Mayhem at Kedarnath
Monsoon Mayhem in Uttarakhand
Disaster stories from Uttarakhand

….other than make a humble request to stretch and lend help to rebuild the God’s Country and the faith of the local people in Uttarakhand.

Prime Minister’s Relief Fund
Save the Children
Uttarakhand Relief Fund – An Indian Express Initiative

Char Dham Memoir

In 2011 as part of our yearly excursions to discover India, we made Chota Char Dham yatra our travel destination. Then I didn’t know what to expect, except for the happy thought that I will be going to the Garhwal Himalayas and my daughter will get to see the Himalayas for the first time. For me Garhwal has…

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Narendra Modi rescue op- How he did it


Vicky Nanjappa

23-narendra-modi-in-uttarakhand-600The evacuation of 15000 Gujaratis following the visit to Uttarakhand by Narendra Modi has become the talk of the town. While the BJP cannot stop singing praises of Modi for this operation, the Congress on the other hand has termed it as an act of opportunism and selfishness aimed at protecting on Gujaratis.

Be that as it may be, but the BJP unit in Uttarakhand has a different story to tell. The manner in which the entire operation was planned and executed should be applied as a role model for other states, the BJP points out.

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Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi flag off relief material for Uttarakhand floods victims


RahulGandhiindia's Blog

Sonia GandhiNew Delhi: Congress President and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi on Monday has flagged off trucks carrying relief materials for Uttarakhand flood victims. Trucks left from the party headquarters in New Delhi. Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi also was present during the occasion.

Top Congress leaders were present at the AICC headquarters where Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi flagged off 24 truckloads of relief supplies in addition to the 125 trucks already sent to Dehradun. Besides these two, leaders present on the occasion included Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit, Finance Minister P Chidambaram, Road Transport Minister Oscar Fernandes and, political secretary to Congress President Ahmed Patel, AICC General Secretaries Ambika Soni and Ajay Maken.

Sonia Gandhi had on June 19 along with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh conducted an aerial survey of rain-ravaged areas in Uttarkhand where flash floods have claimed over a thousand lives. So far, 80,000 people have been evacuated…

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Lansdowne – A Breath Of Fresh Air


Bon Voyage

This year, I turned 35 (though for me age is just a number). 🙂

I wanted to celebrate my birthday in a different way by traveling to a place where I can play with nature.


I always love to explore tiny and unknown places and Lansdowne turned out to be just perfect.

Situated in Pauri Garhwal district in Uttarakhand, this is a kind of place where every traveler like me wants to embrace it.

The moment I landed there, I realized what I was missing in smoky Delhi – a cool and calm environment. I was smiling because I knew it was going to be a memorable trip.

Surrounded by thick oak and blue pine forests, Lansdowne is home to many high-end resorts, but I opted for a small hotel.

My day started with lots of enquiries with a local person and I found that there is not much to explore…

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