Rescue efforts ongoing in northern India


Pilgrimage Portal

Northern India continues to cope with the devastating floods in that region, and the full picture on the disaster may not emerge for some time.  The impact on local communities, infrastructure, and economies can’t be underestimated and will be felt long after the immediate danger has passed.  At present, rescue and relief is still the focus, with many people still stranded or vulnerable. Tragically, the death toll is expected to pass 1000.

As for pilgrims who were traveling in the area towards shrines, evacuation efforts are ongoing.  Tens of thousands have been rescued, but weather is hampering operations.  Those who have made it to safety speak of the horrific circumstances from the floods, as well as food shortages and other problems afterwards.  This BBC report shows the families of those still in the mountains, waiting with pictures of loved ones.  Lack of water, food, and power

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