Protect Mother Nature : Only Love Can Heal : An Appeal!



Mother Nature Can Only Love. It Cannot Kill It’s Own. Never!
She Protects Us From Heat By Giving Shade Of The Tree And She Quench’s Our Thirst By Giving Water From The Rivers and Lakes.

Mother Nature Is The Support System Because Of Which We All Can Survive! This Support System Is Now Threatened By The Brutal Hunger Of Expansion, Urbanisation, Deforestation, Land Acquisition, Commercialisation And This March Of The Mankind Has To Stop! Now! Or Else There Will Be Tomorrow, One Would Dread To See!

In The Backdrop Of The Natural Calamity In Uttarakhand (Northern Himalayan State Of India) It Is An Appeal To All, To Unite And Rebuild This World To It’s Former Natural Glory As A Gift To Mother Nature. Please SAVE This Magical World We Live In, For Our Future Generations To Come! Please PROTECT MOTHER NATURE! RIP To All The Souls Who Lost Lives And…

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