Mohanji in Flooded Uttarakhand Not a Coincidence


Experiences With Mohanji

Dear All,

As divinity would have it, Mohanji left for the Himalayas with few people on the 14th of June 2013. Things took a totally unexpected turn when Uttarakhand and the northern region was attacked by torrential rains, landslides and cloud bursts…Mohanji has been sending  there updates of the situation there, soothing the furious nature and stressed people in his unfathomable ways. It is surely not a coincidence that he happened to be there. As he says, “Wherever destiny puts you, be positive and do whatever you can. If you are selfless by nature, the whole universe will support you.” Kindly read on…

“Nature’s Fury : Estimation of 200 plus missing or dead. More than 40,000 people stranded on roads in Uttarakhand. 200 two-wheelers and about 100 cars washed away. Cloud bursts.


Bridges broken. Roads washed away. Children,women and men have no food, shelter or medicines.


Army is trying their best…

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