Himalayan Tsunami


Maggie's travels

Complete the sentence, “It’s raining m…”

Bet you didn’t guess maggots.

Ever since the rains last week, the air has been a haze. It is a thick, hot, humid cloud that has settled in the valley. The sun glows as a burnished red orange orb over the fog wreathed mountains and the moon hangs in the sky as ethereal misty white gold. In our yoga class, ever since the rains we have been pestered by flies, which is an extra challenge in an already challenging meditation practice. Now, this morning in class, we had maggots dropping from the wooden ceiling.

It’s a kind of ridiculous situation but hilarious in how randomly ridiculous it is.

On a more serious note, the Indian government has begun calling the heavy early rains “the Himalayan Tsunami”. We are living in a yoga bubble, perfectly nestled at a safe distance from both the mountains and…

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