Dear India; A Lesson in Humility. Sincerely, God


Hawk Radius

There’s just one way to describe what north India is going through right now. It’s going through a natural calamity. When you have entire hills sliding down on unsuspecting people, a death toll of one thousand and counting with the army spearheading rescue efforts, you know that merely calling it a “disaster” isn’t enough. It’s a calamity.

The myth of “India Rising”

One of the greatest myths pervading the collective consciousness of the West is that of a rising India. With a great investment climate, companies the likes of Tata and Infosys and a cheap pool of workers to recruit from, India was given the same status of a rising power that China has been, albeit very briefly. But in that brief period of glory, China and India would be spoken of in the same breath and the rise of a multi-polar world with both China and India being important…

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