Are we religious or superstitious



It is Three years after the deadliest natural calamity at Kedarnath Dham.Thousands of people were died at Kedarnath on June 16,2013. Kedar Dham is once again ready for intrusion.

The number of tourists has increased many folds in recent years. Thousands of pilgrims, and tourist too, visited Kedar Nath Dham every year. Due this intrusion into the Himalayas there is an increase in the temperature and pollution of the region. Studies shows that the changes in the atmosphere of the Himalayas are affecting it.
People who visit the holy places and other sites in the Himalayas are responsible for the drastic changes in its geography. Due to Increase in the number of visitors the need of place of staying was arise. it further compelled the authorities to allow the cutting down the jungles and construction in the respective areas. Although, it provided golden business opportunities but at the cost of…

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