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Got A Love Letter at My Age 60 : LOVE


Deep Inside Souls

How you react if you get a love letter at your 60s
I am in a situation to react.Life has been so tough for me as a woman
In return I remained more rigid to the life too.Had lived through my life and nothing left now
This was what i felt till I seen the letter in my inboxI am a mother of a son and a daughter
Thanks to USA to take them as NRIsWanted to spend my entire life with them here
But coin shown tails when i asked for headsMy attitude may not match western culture
So I stayed back home alone in IndiaLiving alone in a posh apartment
With video calls asking for my regards from them

Yet I feel lonely. Incomplete with Life.
Reason is not my husband’ had left me, definitely not

He had left me before thirty years,
After I had become mother…

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