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A Candle Light Vigil for the Rape Victim


A peace is does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work, it means to be in the midst of those things and still “BE CLAM IN YOUR HEART”

Noisy Pilgrims

The pic shows just one of the many Candle light Vigils for the terrible tragedy that has unfolded over the last few days in India.

The brutal gang rape of a young girl in Delhi has resulted in shock, despair and shame on what it means to be Indian in a country that can’t treat its daughters right. Countless reports of rape have been pouring in from other parts of India validating the view that this country just doesn’t keep its promise when it comes to women’s safety and their freedom.

The patronizing reaction of the Central Government and the Home Minister have only contributed to revulsion and disbelief on how the Rulers of this country view themselves as Royalty. Peaceful protesters have been assaulted with water canons and lathi wielding policemen.

The death of the rape victim has set in a solemn and hopefully introspective mood throughout India as we enter 2013.

Read More here about the case. Great pictures…

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Doctors in Singapore battle to save Delhi rape victim, say she’s in ‘critical condition’


she was died in Singapore hospital

Delhi Talk

An ambulance carrying the Delhi gangrape survivor to the airport. She is being taken to Singpore for better treatment. HT/Raj K Raj

Doctors in Singapore battled on Thursday to save the life of the 23-year-old Delhi gang-rape victim who was dramatically airlifted overnight from a hospital in New Delhi. As Prime Minister vowed that the attackers of the 23-year-old would face swift justice, doctors at Singapore’s Mount

 Elizabeth Hospital described her condition in the intensive care unit as “extremely critical”.

“She is being examined and the hospital is working with the Indian High Commission (embassy),” the hospital added in a brief statement.

Battling for life for the last 11 days, the 23-year-old victim was flown in Singapore on Thursday and was admitted to a multi-organ transplant specialty hospital.

The victim, who remained on ventilator support during most part of her treatment in Safdarjung hospital in Delhi, was brought in Singapore…

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Christmas, they say is a festival of joy

This Christmas a 23 year old

Fights a battle of  life and death

After having endured a painful ordeal


They stripped her,

Ripped her apart

With iron rods she was assaulted

Assaulted brutally

She Suffered from gruesome pain

Those bastards, they laughed

They took pleasure in it

She was completely torn

Both physically and mentally


Being a girl, was that her sin?

Why didn’t god save her?

Why didn’t he strike upon them?

With vengeance and furious anger

Seek and ye shall find

I seek answers but I don’t find any


Raising your voice

Shouting from the rooftops

Protesting and demanding justice

Seem utterly futile

For they are all thwarted


We are rather reckless

Will this ever end?

How many more rape victims,

Will this nation still see?

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Shining India or Suffering India?


Raina Trivedi's Blog

India’s 64th Republic Day is fast approaching. As this thought flashes across my mind, the usual gleam in my eyes gets doused. Like a regular ritual, are we going to send the same photocopied message to the world about Shining India with sheer display of our military strength and cultural tableaus on India Gate Street? Is India really Shining enough to woo the world audience? Are we not living in the world of our own whims and fancies, if we believe so?

I hang my head in deep shame to confess that I’m a part of Suffering and not Shining India. Some of my friends can counter attack me by citing the facts and figures of our economic growth. However, I find this cynical.

Though this land is where I breathed first, received my whole education and subsequently the means of livelihood, I feel today that the anti-abroad settlement…

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A Nation of Rapes


Bloody hell….. what the Fcuk….

Confessions of a Disquisitive Writer


On December 16th, 2012, a 23-year-old girl from Delhi was gang raped by five men in a moving bus in South Delhi. Even the male friend accompanying her was brutally beaten, gagged and knocked unconscious. After the rape, they were both stripped and thrown out of the bus. They were found lying on the roads at about 11 PM at night.

What made this episode even more horrific was the fact that the rapists not only raped her but even inserted an iron rod into her which ended up completely damaging her genitalia and intestines.

The girl was admitted into a hospital where she was placed on ventilator and was extremely critical for a few days. The doctors had to remove her intestines because they were completely damaged by the attack and they feared she might be affected by gangrene. The result of this was that even if the victim survived this…

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