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Christmas, they say is a festival of joy

This Christmas a 23 year old

Fights a battle of  life and death

After having endured a painful ordeal


They stripped her,

Ripped her apart

With iron rods she was assaulted

Assaulted brutally

She Suffered from gruesome pain

Those bastards, they laughed

They took pleasure in it

She was completely torn

Both physically and mentally


Being a girl, was that her sin?

Why didn’t god save her?

Why didn’t he strike upon them?

With vengeance and furious anger

Seek and ye shall find

I seek answers but I don’t find any


Raising your voice

Shouting from the rooftops

Protesting and demanding justice

Seem utterly futile

For they are all thwarted


We are rather reckless

Will this ever end?

How many more rape victims,

Will this nation still see?

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Shining India or Suffering India?


Raina Trivedi's Blog

India’s 64th Republic Day is fast approaching. As this thought flashes across my mind, the usual gleam in my eyes gets doused. Like a regular ritual, are we going to send the same photocopied message to the world about Shining India with sheer display of our military strength and cultural tableaus on India Gate Street? Is India really Shining enough to woo the world audience? Are we not living in the world of our own whims and fancies, if we believe so?

I hang my head in deep shame to confess that I’m a part of Suffering and not Shining India. Some of my friends can counter attack me by citing the facts and figures of our economic growth. However, I find this cynical.

Though this land is where I breathed first, received my whole education and subsequently the means of livelihood, I feel today that the anti-abroad settlement…

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A Nation of Rapes


Bloody hell….. what the Fcuk….

Confessions of a Disquisitive Writer


On December 16th, 2012, a 23-year-old girl from Delhi was gang raped by five men in a moving bus in South Delhi. Even the male friend accompanying her was brutally beaten, gagged and knocked unconscious. After the rape, they were both stripped and thrown out of the bus. They were found lying on the roads at about 11 PM at night.

What made this episode even more horrific was the fact that the rapists not only raped her but even inserted an iron rod into her which ended up completely damaging her genitalia and intestines.

The girl was admitted into a hospital where she was placed on ventilator and was extremely critical for a few days. The doctors had to remove her intestines because they were completely damaged by the attack and they feared she might be affected by gangrene. The result of this was that even if the victim survived this…

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India mourning her daughter’s death


Anil's Blog

Candle LightThe 23-year-old medical student whose savage gang-rape on a moving bus in Delhi triggered outrage and protests through India died in a hospital in Singapore at 4.45 local time (2.15 India time). Two days back she was shifted to Singapore for the best medical facilities.Her parents were by her side at the time of her death.

After the monstrous attack on her on December 16, a grid of anger and grief fastened cities across India.

In messages that she scribbled for her family while on life support systems, she reportedly asked if the six men who had damaged her so badly that her intestines had to be removed had been caught and punished.

“She was courageous in fighting for her life for so long against the odds but the trauma to her body was too severe for her to overcome,” a statement by the Mount Elizabeth hospital said. .


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Women dignity – Can we act now or just let it go this time too.


It goes on, isnt that Life


Almost at 3 am on dec 29,2012 in my twitter list I saw a news and after that it had become so difficult to accept, digest and basically understand that how that can happen, I was trying to imagine extent of brutality which would have taken place. Generally either u die immediately or in some time or else come back but it doesn’t take 13 days in that kind of condition. This brave heart girl I thought will be back in life cause once she walked and  after 5,6 days of incident so there was a hope.

Well she is in mind and heart of everyone cause media picked up, people’s patience gave up which was piling up when rape after rape with out any action or else there are many many had gone through or might be going through right now when I’m writing this post. If we need…

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Rest in peace, Nirbhaya


Zettabyte Chronicles

There’s been anger, sadness and shame in India over the ordeal of a young woman who was raped and critically injured by a gang of men on a bus in the capital, New Delhi. This shock reached an apogee on Saturday, December 29, when the unnamed 23 year old medical student died of her injuries in Singapore 12 days after being attacked.

The outpouring on social media has coalesced around a number of hashtags on Twitter including #delhigangrape, #delhirape and #braveheart. The Indian news media have christened her Amanat, Damini and Nirbhaya. Each of those names have been trending and now one of the most used hashtags is #RIPNirbhaya.

The Times of India says it started the trend to call the young medical student Nirbhaya which in Hindi means ‘fearless’. The other translation is ‘braveheart’ and she’s being called India’s braveheart which lends itself to being another of the trending…

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She was born to awaken us


100 Paths

I usually refrain from talking about current events on this blog, which is a journal of my inner growth. But the December 16 Delhi gang rape has affected me at a very personal level, and I am not alone because all my women friends and colleagues feel like a part of them has been violated, angered and shaken out of stupor and indifference.

Rapes happen every day, several times a day, in India. Over time we had become immune to these bits of news in our daily papers, like those in war zones get used to the sound of explosions in nearby neighbourhoods. But there was something about this particular case that affected each of us at a very primal level, that coaxed us out of our warm homes on cold December nights into standing in public spaces in silent or vociferous protest. Perhaps it was the brutality of it, or…

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On Being a Woman


Its a shame on all male..It has to be stopped..

The Starbucks Addict

The gang-rape that took place in Delhi on the 16th of December 2012 is testament to how little women are respected in the world. And I say the world because there is no place on Earth where a woman is 100% safe. Just because we are women does not mean you have the right to physically or sexually assault us, take away our free will, continuously abuse and torture us and take away our voices. It is shocking considering that a woman brought you into the world and is the reason you are alive, yet you go and beat the shit out of and rape another? Is there no such thing as shame? In cases of rape, why is the blame thrown at the woman?Do parents not teach their sons that rape and assault are wrong? Do they not teach their daughters that they are allowed to have basic human rights?…

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