Women dignity – Can we act now or just let it go this time too.


It goes on, isnt that Life


Almost at 3 am on dec 29,2012 in my twitter list I saw a news and after that it had become so difficult to accept, digest and basically understand that how that can happen, I was trying to imagine extent of brutality which would have taken place. Generally either u die immediately or in some time or else come back but it doesn’t take 13 days in that kind of condition. This brave heart girl I thought will be back in life cause once she walked and  after 5,6 days of incident so there was a hope.

Well she is in mind and heart of everyone cause media picked up, people’s patience gave up which was piling up when rape after rape with out any action or else there are many many had gone through or might be going through right now when I’m writing this post. If we need…

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