Shining India or Suffering India?


Raina Trivedi's Blog

India’s 64th Republic Day is fast approaching. As this thought flashes across my mind, the usual gleam in my eyes gets doused. Like a regular ritual, are we going to send the same photocopied message to the world about Shining India with sheer display of our military strength and cultural tableaus on India Gate Street? Is India really Shining enough to woo the world audience? Are we not living in the world of our own whims and fancies, if we believe so?

I hang my head in deep shame to confess that I’m a part of Suffering and not Shining India. Some of my friends can counter attack me by citing the facts and figures of our economic growth. However, I find this cynical.

Though this land is where I breathed first, received my whole education and subsequently the means of livelihood, I feel today that the anti-abroad settlement…

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