On Being a Woman


Its a shame on all male..It has to be stopped..

The Starbucks Addict

The gang-rape that took place in Delhi on the 16th of December 2012 is testament to how little women are respected in the world. And I say the world because there is no place on Earth where a woman is 100% safe. Just because we are women does not mean you have the right to physically or sexually assault us, take away our free will, continuously abuse and torture us and take away our voices. It is shocking considering that a woman brought you into the world and is the reason you are alive, yet you go and beat the shit out of and rape another? Is there no such thing as shame? In cases of rape, why is the blame thrown at the woman?Do parents not teach their sons that rape and assault are wrong? Do they not teach their daughters that they are allowed to have basic human rights?…

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