Nirbhaya : The fearless victim of a gang-rape




delhi_rape_1355724187_540x540On the 16th of December 2012, the entire country was struck dumb, when the unconscious and brutally assaulted bodies of a 23 year old physiotherapy intern and her male friend were found by a lonely road in New Delhi. As the story unfolded, the entire nation it seemed, howled in unison.

Nirbhaya, (fearless, as she will always be known) hailed a chartered private bus with her boyfriend while coming back from a movie in the evening. The bus had 6 other passengers, one of which was a minor and who had offered the couple a ride. When the bus deviated from the conventional route, Nirbhaya’s friend got suspicious especially after he noticed that the doors of the bus were sealed shut. Except the driver, the 5 other passengers, all men, taunted the couple, attacked the boy and then knocked him unconscious with an iron rod. They then dragged the…

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