A White Rose


A white Rose to a peace of Mind

Guy Gone Globetrotting

When the embarrassing incident in nation’s capital took place, what Guruji said is perfectly relevant after what happened in my beloved Delhi, and here it is word for word for everyone to read…


I thought of changing the blog design to something darker for a few days, but then decided that this would mean that terror and corruption has won over love and peace…

So, it stays this way, bright and colourful and beautiful and hopeful

We need more peace, we need more people to learn to meditate, we need EVERYONE who has learned to meditate, to not miss even a day of their Sadhana… When there will be more and more Love and Care on our planet, I know these things will become extinct! Your simple and super potent contribution to stop this would be an unwavering resolve to do your Sadhana every single day, come what may… and…

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