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The Nurburgring.

An awesome 20km track notoriously known in the motor racing community as being a technically difficult and well as physically draining race track. Does not help that its also one of the most dangerous track in the world.

Rumours has it that at least 1, die on the track every year. There is very little room for errors as the track is not so wide. There is the famous “Niki Lauda” corner where he suffered serious burns………All these which i suppose fuels it legend and makes it even more compiling for speed fans.

So what am i doing there ?? To watch a race of course !  No guts to go out on the track. Am extremely afraid of speed. I rather take a bus. 🙂

You have to know the track very well to get a good time here……Playstation 3’s Gran Tourismo will help…..

The winning car…

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