Covering up the Truth.



All I need is a little emotion.


If it seems I like someone else

It isn’t true

Because if I had to like someone

Sadly, it would still be you.


You didn’t give me just butterflies

You gave me an entire zoo

As cliche as this poem sounds,

It’s all very true.


If I could take back anything

It would be my mistakes

I knew there were a lot

that really made you ache.


I keep telling myself, “it’s okay,

there are other fish in the sea”

but then I come to realize

you’re the only one for me.


I wish I was over you already

Like you are with me

But it isn’t as easy

As counting, one, two, three.


Forgive and forget

That’s what they all say

But now my new plan

is to forgive and forget your name.

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