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Today’s Kim-ism(tm): My Heart is in Your Hands…



Kim Harris - Author

My Heart is in Your Hands

“My heart is fixed, O God, my heart is fixed…”Psalm 57:7


My heart has been broken into a million pieces – a million times over. Each time, I handed over to you the shattered remnants with tears and pleaded that you would restore it once again. As a child with a broken toy, begging my father to give me a new one, you always responded with a loving YES…

Once again, you return it complete and whole. This time with a guardian; a life-long protector…

He embodies Your love and care – he holds my heart gently within his hands and watches over it like a King over his kingdom. Thank you, Lord, for fixing my heart and entrusting it to the man who will watch over it the rest of my days.

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Thats true Love never fails..


Love is patient, love is kind,
Its not what you give and or what was left behind,
Calling peaches and honey, for the love of money,
Is that love or have we all gone blind?

Hugs and kisses while while everybody watches
Looking through your clothes and makes sure it all matches
True love is inside not outside,
Just wait and watch and it will all go to ashes.

Forsake a friend because he’s gone a different  way
Ignore and keep your course or watch and pray?
Indifference is worse
Love doesn’t leave you, true love waits.

List of offences, committed by others,
Everyone has them, to remember and make them suffer,
What about the good?
Only that true love remembers.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. (1 Corinthians 13:13)

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Kunal Rawal Leaves A Mark at the IIFA Awards


Hey, tumne kabhi kisi se pyaar kiya?
Kabhi kisi ko dil diya?
Maine bhi diya!



Enigmatic fashion designer Kunal Rawal has quite a few reasons to smile these days. He recently styled both Ranbir and Shahid Kapoor for the IIFA Awards held in Singapore. Both the Bollywood poster boys looked as dashing as ever as they walked down the green carpet at the event. The latter, who has a new release ‘Teri Meri Kahani’ in the pipeline, went onto host the IIFA Awards.

Kunal also styled the stars for some brilliant performances on the night. First up was the father son duo of Rishi and Ranbir Kapoor. They were dressed in flashy silver jackets, reminiscent of the latter’s look when he played the character Monty in the film ‘Karz’ in the 80’s. Their clothing and brilliance won the audience over on a night that is sure to live in memory for sometime. Kunal then styled Ranbir with a military inspired look for an exciting…

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QUIZ: What type of a Sundae are you?


hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…i cant wait now

Just Sundaes

You know, we all are very different. Some of us are bubbly and cheerful, others sober and silent. But did you know? You have an ice-cream personality too? Take the quiz to get yours!

      I.         It’s a hot sunny day. What do you do?

  1. Have a cold glass of water
  2. Run to the nearest Just Sundaes to make your own sundae
  3. Open your fridge and make one, because your fridge is stocked

II.         You have a tooth extraction coming up (Ouch!) What do you do?

  1. Pray and Stock up on painkillers
  2. Rejoice thinking of the ice-creams you can have after without feeling guilty
  3. Buy a family pack of ice-cream in advance just in case the doctor decides to take out a second tooth.

III.         It’s raining hard and your best friend calls up and is craving for ice-cream. You –

  1. Get horrified and remind her it’s raining.
  2. Call her…

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Happiness is a Full Dishwasher



a glass of milk

Hear me out.

You know I hate doing the dishes.  But.

It’s just me and my husband here at Casa Glass of Milk.  We eat for two.  We eat at home most nights.  And the dishwasher fills up slowly over the course of a few days.

But sometimes friends come over.  There’s a boatload of food on the table.

We eat.

We laugh.

And the dishwasher fills up in a day.

Which probably seems silly to you, but to me, it’s a sign of a full life.  A good life.

It’s the little things.

Cupcakes are these (my favorite lemon cupcakes), but with a lemon and confectioner’s sugar glaze instead of the frosting I put on them back in the early days.  It’s much to heavy for these light cupcakes.

For the glaze, I mix 1 C confectioner’s sugar with 3 T lemon juice.  Then I stir, stir, stir, to…

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Standard it


The Nurburgring.

An awesome 20km track notoriously known in the motor racing community as being a technically difficult and well as physically draining race track. Does not help that its also one of the most dangerous track in the world.

Rumours has it that at least 1, die on the track every year. There is very little room for errors as the track is not so wide. There is the famous “Niki Lauda” corner where he suffered serious burns………All these which i suppose fuels it legend and makes it even more compiling for speed fans.

So what am i doing there ?? To watch a race of course !  No guts to go out on the track. Am extremely afraid of speed. I rather take a bus. 🙂

You have to know the track very well to get a good time here……Playstation 3’s Gran Tourismo will help…..

The winning car…

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Love is a Battle I am willing to fight!


Blessed with a Star on the Forehead

I am looking at the search for love as a battle.  The prize is finding my true soul-mate (and I accept no imitations!)

After losing a war, when do you get back in the battlefield? I am probably going against the majority when I say you have to get back as soon as possible!  Before you allow the task to seem too daunting!

I have lost a lot of wars and perhaps I will lose a few more, but with each one I gain more knowledge about what kind of warrior I am.  With each loss I don’t lose faith, I gain assurance that I am one step closer.   Each war lost is a step towards the goal; it is one road block removed.  It is an impostor gone, making room for the real thing.

I may retreat for a moment to regain my energy and equilibrium.  I cry, I…

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