My Girlfriend and Diamond Necklace


For my Soulmate……SNH

बरामदे की धूप

One day I was in a restaurant with my friends. There I noticed a man on the side table was proposing his girlfriend. They seem to be in relationship from long time, but his girlfriend was in mischievous mood that day. She didn’t say ‘yes’ to his proposal in just one shot. First time man was proposing by just words, second time he tried poetry but his girlfriend didn’t impress and still silent. Third time he sat on knees and proposed the lady in front of everyone with rose in hand, this time his girlfriend smiled but still not melted enough to say yes.

After third attempt, man was disappeared from there and I saw his girlfriend sitting alone. In just few minutes, it became dark in restaurant. Suddenly we noticed a dim light on that couple’s table. His girlfriend shocked and stood up when this dim light radiated over…

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